TERESA HALLICK - Anglo, 72 years old. MARSHA’S mother.

MARSHA HALLICK ROMERO - Anglo, 48 years old.

FELIX ROMERO HALLICK - Hispanic, 48 years old. MARSHA’S husband.

TRINKA HALLICK ROMERO - Hispanic/American, 15 years old. Their daughter.

SECURITY JAMES - African/American, 35 years old.

GUY - Anglo, mid-thirties. Family coach.

DOTTIE SYLVESTER - Hispanic, 29 years old.

AUNT GLADYS HALLICK - Anglo, 50 years old. MARSHA’s sister.

AUNT HELENE HALLICK JEFFERSON - Anglo, 43 years old. MARSHA’S sister.

UNCLE HARRY JEFFERSON HALLICK - African/American, mid-forties. HELENE’S husband.

AUNT SONIA HALLICK - Anglo, 38 years old. MARSHA’S sister. Only seen on a video spec.


SETTING - A high-rise condo.

TIME - Soon. Teresa’s 72nd birthday. The entire play takes place in one evening.